Greetings and welcome to Modaja Communications!

My name is Irving Payne and I have been in the media business since 1980. My career started in N.Y.C. as a recording studio vocalist. During those many years, I learned a great deal about audio recording, mixing and producing. I joined a Latin/Soul band (Mystic Touch) from N.J. and we recorded our hit record, “ Get Yourself Together” which sold over 150,000 copies in England, Spain, and various parts of Europe and the United States. Today I have combined my 36 years of audio experience with video production. I offer high quality and affordable media platforms for businesses small and large. My goal is to offer you the wonderful tool of (video, audio, and picture marketing) to help your website be more visible and grow considerably!

Use Online Video to:

Drive traffic to your website

Keep customers engaged in your brand

Increase sales